Search Engine Optimization

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What does it mean to optimize a website for search engines? Basically, we’ll find the best keywords that match your website so that when a user runs a search on these keywords on Google or Yahoo for example, your website will be one of the first ones to show up on the search engine’s results page.

Search Engine Optimization

All technicalities aside, let’s say you own an electronics shop called John’s Electronics. The more unique your company name or organization, the better the result. Take Google as an example. You will not see more than one Google out there as a business name. When comparing to a company name such as John’s Electronics, there may be a few different businesses using that name or something similar, giving you less accuracy of the keywords “John’s Electronics“.

Now that was simply for the company name. Let’s focus now on keywords and phrases that may relate to your business name online. Which keywords do you believe would best define your business name or organization? (We’ll continue with the John’s Electronics in this next example as well.) It all depends on the content used for your website pages. Let’s say you’re selling mainly TVs and cell phones, then you’ll most likely want your users to be able to type the following keywords to find you on the top of the search engines: Tvs, cell phones. However, chances are you might not be able to make it in the top results for such keywords, since they are very popular and most importantly very short keywords, which can bring a much bigger number of search results. Remember: the more unique your keywords are, the better the chances that you will be found at the top of the search engines. When we say unique, we mean either a short word like the company name Google for instance, or perhaps a slogan or tagline which people may refer to as well when looking you up (i.e. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far awaya famous tagline from Star Wars).

If however it is crucial that you be found in the top results for very common keywords like in the above example (Tvs and Cell Phones), then we may be required to do some more thorough optimization to your website pages, including re-writing your content (texts).

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