Responsive website design

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

In today’s modern world, it has become a must for all businesses to have a responsive website design. We are already in the year 2021. Potential customers are finding your business and interacting with you using their mobile phones, tablets, Android devices, laptops, and desktop computers. Whether your client-base is found online or in-store, more and more users have been and will continue to be visiting websites using their handheld devices nowadays. This is why it would be best to accommodate these users to avoid them having display issues when accessing your website, or possibly not even being able to view the website from their device at all.

Have you recently viewed your website using a mobile phone or iPad? If you haven’t, then make sure to go ahead and have a look at your website using another device and see the outcome and most importantly, remember to take note of your experience. Was the website displayed properly without any errors or malfunctions? Were there a few or more display errors? Was it functioning properly? If your website is outdated and has not yet been programmed for mobile phones, tablets, or any other such device, then you may want to get started on making your website fully responsive today.

CRT Desktop Monitor

Do you remember those big old chunky desktop monitors, before they invented the flat screens? There are still many people who use these monitors; you’ll be sure to find them often at libraries or schools. Technology advances so quickly, and with the wide variety we have nowadays (flat screens, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, androids and other devices) you’d be best off getting your website up to speed with a Responsive Website Design as soon as possible.

When was the last time you’ve updated your website or had it revamped? Are you currently using a Content Management System (CMS)? Websites that are under two years old are most likely already responsive. If you’re unsure if yours is or not, ask one of our representatives to help you find out. Websites that are 2-5 years old, are most likely not fully compatible with the most popular devices yet. If your website was developed between the years 2010-2018, get in touch with us and we’ll help you figure out what to do in order to make your website compatible for all users. Websites that were programmed in the year 2010 or earlier are at very high risk of being a complete mess on these devices and may result in having your users not even being able to view the website on their device whatsoever.

Responsive Website Design devices

Responsive Website Design does not only target mobile devices; it also means designing websites using a fluid width, as opposed to a fixed width. For example, if you’re viewing a website on a 1900 pixels by 800 pixels resolution, and your website was programmed to fit on an 800 pixels by 600 pixels resolution, then that’s already twice as wider and may not be as visually appealing to your readers. One of the very important points in website design is keeping everything user-friendly. You should always leave enough white space between texts and media. Similar to you and I, we need some space to be able to breathe properly in life; if everything in a room is cluttered, then the air won’t go through. The same goes for visual web design. It is much easier to read through a page with enough spacing between texts/images, as opposed to bunching everything up together into a little area.

Perhaps you’re thinking that your customers won’t use their mobile devices to access your website; in most cases, this isn’t true. A simple glimpse at your website’s analytics will show you how many of your users are visiting your website using a mobile device.

To summarize, if your website isn’t currently displaying or functioning the way it should be on mobile devices, iPads, laptops or wide screens, then it may be time for you to consider contacting a website design company who can help you get started and fast.

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