Informational Website setup

$550.00 / month for 3 months

Would you like to operate a website that’s easily manageable? A website will allow your usual clientele as well as new clients to continue to contact you and learn more about your business and offerings. We can build you an informational website which would include information about your business/organization.

Share the information you want with your online visitors! Your website can include your company’s history as well as feature your team members with their biographies and contact information. What’s the purpose of your business? Let others know exactly what you do or have to offer. Display your completed projects using an online portfolio and get your clients to be WOWed by your work.

Ready to get started?

Are you an accountant, law firm, local artist, or beauty salon and don’t already have a website set up for your business? No matter which industry you’re in, an informational website can help inform your online visitors about the services you offer. Our Informational Website setup includes the following features:

  • A custom website built using a content management system;
  • A secure administration area allowing you to log into your website and make the necessary adjustments at your own convenience;
  • A responsive website design to look and function on most major web browsers and devices;
  • Up to 10 custom pages set up (i.e. Home, About, Services, FAQs, Contact, etc.);
  • Initial page content set up (you provide us with your page content, and we’ll insert it onto your pages for you);
  • A basic contact form set up, including the following form fields: name, email, phone and message.

Additional à la carte products can be purchased as well.

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