How to add a new post in WordPress

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Assuming your WordPress installation is already complete, this tutorial will show you the very simple steps to creating your first blog post.

Steps to adding the post

How to add a new post in WordPress
Step 1 — Start by logging into the admin panel of your WordPress website (using the username and password you’ve created during the installation process).

Step 2 — Click on Posts on the left-hand side navigation bar. Then click on the sub-menu item entitled Add New (see image below).

Step 3 — You may now proceed to add the title of your post and its content.

Step 4 — This next part is optional, but ultimately helps for organization purposes. You can choose a single or multiple categories to which this post is relevant with. If there aren’t any categories listed in the area yet, that’s okay. Simply click on the link shown in the bottom of the Categories box entitled Add New Category (see image). Now enter the name to your new category and click Add. You should now see the new category name listed in the box, and can select the checkbox to make this post accessible within this category.

Step 5 — Another method people use to organize their posts is through post tags. This part is also optional but may help you, or your visitors find what they’re looking for faster. You can enter a new tag or click the link entitled Choose from the most used tags right below (see image). You can select a single tag or more. Keep in mind to always separate tags with commas when adding new ones.

Step 6 — Another great thing about WordPress, you are given the option to set a featured image for each post, if you want to. Simply click on the link entitled Set featured image to do so. You may now choose to upload an image from your computer, from a URL, or from the Media Library. You may now proceed with entering and selecting the correct information relating your image (image title, alternate text, image caption, alignment, link image to).

Step 7 — You may now proceed with reviewing and previewing your first post. If you are not yet ready to publish your post, you can click the button entitled Save Draft to review it at a later time. You may also change the visibility settings of your post by clicking on the Edit link (see image). You will then be given three options: make the post public, password protected, or private.

Step 8 — Once all changes have been made (if any), you should now be ready to publish your first post!

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